Victorian Gazebo

Port Townsend is a Victorian arts community and seaport located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It also happens to be my hometown, so in away, Craig is my neighbor. Craig's immediate neighbor is an elderly gentleman who bought a little Victorian gazebo about 30 years ago from a vendor at our local farmer's market. Craig wanted to replicate it for his yard. So he had me over and we took a look.

Old gazebo

After taking measurements, I gave Craig an estimate with spindles for the railing according to his wishes, and after fine-tuning a few more things we agreed on a price. I was off! I began with the deck, and once that was done I began work on the roof. The best part of building something small like this is the ability to build the roof on the ground. It's a lot faster, until your kids discover it and drag their sleeping bags into it.


After that it was just a matter of making four panels, some infill pieces and an ingenious scaffold to raise the roof seven feet above the deck. All in all, I was onsite for a day and half, and in the end, Craig was very happy with the result.