The Potting Studio is Done!

As I write, the Potting Studio is on my trailer waiting for me to drive across the Hood Canal Bridge, over the Edmonds ferry, down I-5 right into the heart of downtown Seattle before driving into the Washington State Convention Center for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! I can't wait to meet everyone at the show and talk to them about what Magical Playhouses can deliver to their backyards. I only hope my voice won't give out! That, and no rubberneckers will have an accident on the freeway as they pass me.

I also set up The Dragon at one of Josie's friend's house for a photo shoot. Since it travels without the head on, I realized that I didn't have any real good photos of it all assembled. So we set it up and invited a bunch of her little friends over for a playdate. I love watching little kiddos play in a space that is designed for them. The looks on their faces...

Ok, gotta get some sleep. Long days await.