The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

What a great show! I just wanted to thank everyone who paused to talk with me over the course of those five days at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. The response the potting studio received was just tremendous. It inspired so many conversations about possible projects: potting sheds, boat houses, playhouses, tree houses, ranging from Juneau, AK to Orange County, CA. I'm really excited by the opportunity to work on so many interesting projects during the coming year!

On the last day of the show, a wonderful woman named Deb fell in love with the potting studio. She told me it was exactly what she'd been envisioning for her backyard. She had come to the show without her husband, so that night she wanted to go home and talk it over. In the morning she called and said, "We want it!" When I arrived at her house later that afternoon, she was so excited that she'd already been clearing sod and hauling gravel. A few hours later, she gave me a hug and, with a wave from my truck, I pulled my empty trailer away. Congrats Deb! I hope you love you're new Magical Playhouse as much as I enjoyed building it.

Many people at the NW Flower and Garden Show expressed interest in the potting studio, but wanted something about it to be a little different. This can be done! That's the best thing about working with a designer/builder: you get exactly what you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you,